A small, hard-working Locksmith Mom and Pop's firm based in Kissimmee, FL. Established in 1998, we hit the ground running with our direct approach to providing the right security for our customers. We thrive on providing our customers with only the best. When it comes to security and securing our customers homes and businesses, we offer our clients the full package. No shortcuts are taken.

Although we are in a pandemic in 2020 we are proud to announce our new location in Houston, Texas.

Anthony Padilla

Founder and President

Tony once dreamed of running his own Locksmith Business and first began Installing Doors. Frames and Hardware. He developed a passion for the hardware and decided this is it Locksmithing. Worked in New Jersey for 5 years and has not stopped since then. Moved to Florida in 1996 and took some time off and then boom opened his Mobile Locksmith Business in 1998 to service Orange and Osceola County's.​

Since then Tony has worked hard at keeping the business going. Now looking to expand into the Home Security Industry.

​He’s a drag racing person.

Lets Meet

Yvette Padilla


Yvette has worked for the Osceola County School District in Kissimmee, FL since 1997. Otherwise known in the office as the networker, Yvette's charm and willingness to talk to anyone and everyone has been key to building our large local client base.



​Despite her fondness for chit chat, Yvette is a bit of a book worm and likes nothing more than a night in with a good book.

“We're a small and growing locksmith business. We look forward to meeting you and your family and helping you define your security solutions - and realize them! So what

are you waiting for, let's meet​"

Anthony Padilla, Founder of A Reliable Locksmith Co.

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